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Sound Beach is a great place to live, work, and play. The Civic works with local and state officials, the police, and the community to improve our quality of life.

We welcome your input. If you have a suggestion, click here to contact us .  Please put "Civic info request" in subject line.

In the News


If You See Something, Say Something—Have you ever seen suspicious activity but weren’t sure where to report it? In 2016 the Sound Beach Civic launched an effort to make it easier for residents to have this information: As of January 2017 about 1000 fridge magnets with the phone numbers to call when you “see something” have been distributed throughout Sound Beach.  We will continue to make these available at area businesses and at each of our meetings. In addition, a "See Something, Say Something" poster with these numbers has been affixed to the bus shelter on New York Avenue and can be seen on Echo Avenue, where the owners of NY Cuts kindly volunteered to display it in front of their business, taking it in when they’re not there.



Into the Looking Glass of History


Our past connects who we were with who we are today. It determines what our small hamlet has become. There’s so much of the history of Sound Beach that, if not preserved soon, may well be lost to future generations. So, in 2019 the Sound Beach Civic launched Into the Looking Glass of History, a project to collect and preserve our story.


To this end, we learned about a community heretofore unknown by many—the Sound Beach Spanish Colony—or as it was called by the inhabitants of this community, el paraíso (paradise). The Civic was privileged to welcome twenty current and former members of the colony and their descendants at our last meeting of 2019.



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For the last several months we followed the CDC guidelines: We stayed home, we wore masks when we needed to go out, and we maintained social distancing, and it worked—we flattened the curve. The economy is reopening, and we’re all looking forward to resuming our lives, but from a health perspective and economically, it may be a long road back.


Suffolk is a populous county and has been severely affected by this virus, and the region’s ability to recover from the costs incurred by the pandemic depends on what happens next. An already fragile economy will tank without help from the federal government. To this end, the Sound Beach Civic Association is spearheading a letter-writing campaign to our federal representatives without whose support the taxpayers of Suffolk County will suffer—both financially and in reduction of services. We urge everyone to join us.


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 Senate COVID Aid Letter


House COVID Aid Letter


Honor Our Veterans and Buy a Brick


Memorial bricks honoring our veterans or in memory of our friends or loved ones are available. Buy a brick and we will engrave it with your message.


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Help Us Sponsor a Family


Each year during the holiday season we sponsor less fortunate families in our area―one identified by St. Louis De Montfort and one by the Sound Beach Community Church. As you celebrate the holidays, please think of your less fortunate neighbors.


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