Veterans Day – Memorial Day Services

Starting in 2007, we coordinated a Veterans Memorial Project to honor all veterans, especially those from Sound Beach who died for their country. In cooperation with the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, and New York State, we secured financial aid in the form of grants from Suffolk County and New York State.

In 2012 donations from the community allowed us to purchase the bronze plaques and engrave the granite wall. Without the cooperation of all, this lasting tribute would not have been possible.

Six flag poles, a granite memorial wall, a bronze plaque for each KIA, benches, pavers in the shape of a rondel (the insignia on the side of US military planes), and landscaping have been installed. On Memorial Day 2012, we formally dedicated the Memorial with many family members of the KIAs attending.

We gratefully thank all the volunteers that have contributed to the memorial thus far, in particular Rich Brons of Brons Landscapes, who donated time, materials, and manpower installing and maintaining the landscaping.

Each Memorial Day and Veterans Day we come together to honor the sacrifices that our Veterans have made to ensure the freedoms we enjoy. The ceremonies include performances by students from both our high school music departments and appearances by our federal, state, and town elected officials. We hope you will join us.

Though Sound Beach is a small, 1.4-square-mile hamlet, its sacrifice over the years has been significant. Since World War II, Sound Beach has had seven servicemen make the supreme sacrifice in preserving our way of life. They are:

William Binder USN Feb 4, 1942

22 years old


Stewart Carroll USA Dec 21, 1944

21 years old


Joseph DeGennaro USA Jan 25, 1966

23 years old


Bruce Kerndl USA Nov 4, 1966

22 years old


Charles Prchal USA Mar 29, 1969

20 years old


Kerry Hein USA Feb 27, 1991

28 years old


Peter Hahn USA May 24, 2005

31 years old